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Welcome to the UMDS-project homepage

This is the homepage for the UMDS at SourceForge.

About UMDS-project

UMDS is a Unified Model of Data Storing and data processing. The model suggests a uniform method of representation of diverse data as a sequence of bits and a uniform method of keeping and processing this sequence on the external storage. Because of comparative independence the project is divided into three subprojects.

The main purpose of the project is to implement a new approach to storing and processing data of any structure and complexity. This includes all existing modern methods as a logical subset. UMDS is small, strong and expansible project.

One of the main principles when implementing the project as a whole is complete independence of existing operational systems and programming languages, not excepting a hardware level. The basic algorithms are simple and are easily programmed. Subprojects Peano and VLBA are independent and can be used independently.

It is possible to familiarize with the previous state of the project on . (XML/XSL - M$-IE5 rus).

If you have constructive ideas on development of the project, the managers of the project are ready to consider them. You can also get access to initial codes of the project, but if you want your modifications to be included in the working version you should become a member of our developers team. Welcome to join our activity.

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